“Mr. America” Delivers ‘Revolutionary’ Hip-hop with a Dash of Racism at CPAC

Imagine that you had a week of television coverage dedicated to highlighting you and all of your extended family and sharing it with the world. Even far distant cousins, uncles, and nieces could come, get on stage and say or do whatever the voices in their heads tell them to. Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, if your extended family is anything like mine, that might not be such an awesome thing. Sure, you and your parents might be able to keep it together and give a speech or show a talent that could be educational or entertaining, but if everyone gets that same chance what do you think would happen? Odds are, something like the video above.

CPAC is this kind of magic stage for Republicans. Sure, the adults get a chance to speak but what sucks for the GOP is that the rest of them get to speak as well. This performance by conservative “comics” and commentators Steven Crowder and Chris Loesch is one of those embarrassing moments put on display for the rest of us to enjoy.

Not only is this terrible rap, it simply isn’t funny. Notice how the stark white crowd sits on their hands and looks on in confusion while these cats rap in powdered wigs. The crowd clearly isn’t feeling that hip-hop vibe. Well… Right up until the dog whistle blows… The “nickers” bit near the end is finally where the white people perk up. See, the blue collar comedy lies in a white guy saying “nicker” while a black guy (lonely indeed at CPAC) leaves the room in a rehearsed huff. Crowder and Loesch cut the music and let it sink in for the slow ones. Oh man, are my sides splitting! NICKERS! Get it?!?

These white guys may not be able to rap very well but they do show you one special trait that white people at CPAC displayed in spades… Republicans are racists.

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2 thoughts on ““Mr. America” Delivers ‘Revolutionary’ Hip-hop with a Dash of Racism at CPAC

  1. Thanks for this video. I enjoyed it, pretty funny. You may enjoy my blog, Rhymes and Reasons. It’s a series of interviews with hip-hop heads who discuss their lives in the context of a few songs that matter to them. Tends to focus on issues of racism, white privilege, sexism, sexual violence, etc. Please take a look.


  2. Caleb Gee says:

    Omfg! What did you make me just watch?! This was just terrible lol. And how the fck these ppl only gonna start laughing when the guy uses the n-word?! Now that’s real telling. And this old lady in the background waving her arms and shaking her ass! Lmao!

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