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Republicans Kicked Out Of The Republican National Convention

CNN first brok this story and it has since been confirmed by RNC officials.  Apparently, two attendees got the boot for tossing peanuts at a black CNN camerawoman while shouting “This is how we feed animals!”  The two were asked to leave by security.

Now is about the time  when the GOP Powered Media steps in and demands proof.  This is the same response they had to members of the Black Congressional Caucus being spit upon outside of the Capitol during the signing of the Affordable Care Act.  Deny, deny, deny and then claim that the people pointing out the racism are actually the racists.  The fact is that a couple of GOP rowdies got drunk and spoke out loud what so many others in that audience were only thinking.

Catch the speech by Condoleeza Rice last night?  My favorite part was how they kept showing close-ups of one black audience member and then they would pan out to show how he was alone in a sea of white people.  I know they wanted to highlight diversity at their convention but all they really did was illustrate one point…  Republicans are Racists.

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Hurricane Bears Down on NOLA: Rush Makes a Suggestion

Here we go again.  The defacto leader of the Republican Party has a new plan for killing “Democrats” (read: poor, black citizens) in New Orleans.  Alas, no action was taken and the levees held but Republicans can keep their fingers crossed that another storm will visit Louisiana this season and maybe they will be able to get this plan in place.

Here’s a transcript for those that can’t stand to listen to Rush’s voice.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Okay, folks, it’s a moment of truth. We are mere hours away now from Tropical Storm Isaac, which everybody is desperately hoping becomes a hurricane. I can’t believe this. They are desperately hoping that it becomes a hurricane. It’s the Democrats’ wet dream that this thing hit New Orleans. So, you know me. My middle name is Solutions. I have some ideas for the Republicans. How to deal with the tropical storm, slash, hurricane hitting New Orleans.

The first thing we do is offer to send 500 bus drivers to New Orleans, paid for by us, to make sure that the buses that were not used by the Democrat mayor during Hurricane Katrina will be used to evacuate people should it become necessary.

The second thing that I think the Republicans ought to do is send bags of money instead of sand. Bags full of money to shore up the levees in New Orleans. This would accomplish many things. A, it would show our compassion. B, we could have Romney’s five sons who CNN last night asked, “What’s it like to be rich as sin,” or whatever. They did. Piers Morgan asked Romney’s sons, (paraphrasing) “What’s it like to be stinking rich?” So we have Romney’s five sons deliver the bags of money to shore up the levees.

Now, this will accomplish much. It will show our compassion, and it will do something else. Once we publicize that we have sent 500 bags of money — well, whatever number of bags, bags filled with money to shore up the levees, what will happen? The poor of New Orleans will storm the levees and steal the bags, thereby putting themselves at risk for the eventual flooding that will happen once they remove the bags of money. And that way the Republicans can get rid of even more Democrats in Louisiana and shore up the state for themselves. How about those two ideas, folks? Am I not thinking or am I thinking?

“Legitimate Rape” Doesn’t Cause Pregnancy

Here is another in our series of videos where Republicans aren’t necessarily racists… Just misogynists. Republican candidate Todd Akin of Missouri sits on CNN and boldly states that in cases of “legitimate rape” that the body will not allow pregnancy to occur. He says “from what I understand from doctors” to qualify the statement (and give it that science-y feel) but the fact is that he’s pulling this right out of his ass. Somehow, the female body can prevent pregnancy if it is raped but is helpless to prevent unwanted pregnancy in all other cases.

This is more made up “science” from Republican politicians. Notice how he speaks with authority becuase he needs this statement to be true. Republicans are laying the cards out on how they feel about women and minorities in this country, lately. Listen to them and you will hear the truth. One of the keys to having women not despise them is if they can convince women (and partisan white males) that real rape doesn’t cause pregnancy then maybe their anti-choice political views start to make sense. I know it is twisted logic but it’s simply what these people are trying to do.

My guess is that Todd Akin just put a winnable Republican House seat into play and women could have a chance to send him back to the primordial ooze he crawled out of this November.

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