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Fox’s Greg Gutfeld: “Catholics Write Letters And Muslims Stab You With Letter Openers”

From the February 27 edition of Fox News’ The Five

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Usually, watching Fox News’ The Five gives me a headache but when the brunette with the giant fish mouth shows up, I’m all in! This time, after fish-face finishes her anti-muslim rant, it is Greg Gutfeld that steps up to really cap off what is already a fairly offensive rant. Gutfield makes his bad joke and then follows up by encouraging genocide. All in all, this is a classy piece that highlights all the fun that can be had by radical fundamentalist Christians with a TV network.

Even though no one uses letter openers anymore, thanks to the invention of e-mail, this clip shows two things; Fox hosts are religious zealots and Republicans are racists.

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Bolling to Waters: “Congresswoman, You Saw What Happened To Whitney Houston. Step Away From The Crack Pipe”

[“From the February 16 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends“]

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Eric Bolling is making his case for being the biggest jackass on Fox News. Here he goes again. After a discussion about Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ words yesterday, Bolling snaps off, “Congresswoman, You Saw What Happened To Whitney Houston. Step Away From The Crack Pipe.” Even his co-hosts knew he had just gone to far as is judged by their nervous laughter… But they still laughed.

Maxine Waters did make a partisan and energetic speech in front of supporters that said some antagonistic things about Speaker Boehner and his GOP playmates. This is very common. Just look at the Republican primary that has been boiling over the last few months. People say rhetorically charged things sometimes… But to react with this kind of statement goes beyond the pale and right into my wheelhouse… Good ol’ GOP racism.

Did Bolling use a white person that has died of an alleged drug overdose for his comparison? Nope. He used a black woman and he used crack. Both are racially charged dog whistles and Bolling knows it. Keep reminding everyone that black people are poor, socialist crackheads and that our President (and Maxine Waters) is… ahem … one of them.

At the end of this clip, thanks to the editors at Media Matters, Bolling does use the “I was kidding” defense after the show comes back from commercial. This is always step one in any Republican racist’s defense of a stupid comment and it is an empty and meaningless gesture. You cannot put this genie back in it’s bottle.

Once again, Eric Bolling and his giggling cronies at Fox & Friends are showing that Republicans are racists.

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“Mr. America” Delivers ‘Revolutionary’ Hip-hop with a Dash of Racism at CPAC

Imagine that you had a week of television coverage dedicated to highlighting you and all of your extended family and sharing it with the world. Even far distant cousins, uncles, and nieces could come, get on stage and say or do whatever the voices in their heads tell them to. Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, if your extended family is anything like mine, that might not be such an awesome thing. Sure, you and your parents might be able to keep it together and give a speech or show a talent that could be educational or entertaining, but if everyone gets that same chance what do you think would happen? Odds are, something like the video above.

CPAC is this kind of magic stage for Republicans. Sure, the adults get a chance to speak but what sucks for the GOP is that the rest of them get to speak as well. This performance by conservative “comics” and commentators Steven Crowder and Chris Loesch is one of those embarrassing moments put on display for the rest of us to enjoy.

Not only is this terrible rap, it simply isn’t funny. Notice how the stark white crowd sits on their hands and looks on in confusion while these cats rap in powdered wigs. The crowd clearly isn’t feeling that hip-hop vibe. Well… Right up until the dog whistle blows… The “nickers” bit near the end is finally where the white people perk up. See, the blue collar comedy lies in a white guy saying “nicker” while a black guy (lonely indeed at CPAC) leaves the room in a rehearsed huff. Crowder and Loesch cut the music and let it sink in for the slow ones. Oh man, are my sides splitting! NICKERS! Get it?!?

These white guys may not be able to rap very well but they do show you one special trait that white people at CPAC displayed in spades… Republicans are racists.

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Ann Coulter Compares President Obama to Flava Flav at CPAC

The thunderous applause that Ann Coulter gets for this off-the-cuff remark shows you just how out in touch with their racism that the new Republican party is becoming. I like to discuss subtle racism and dog whistles because I find them fascinating but that sometimes makes me overlook more obvious material since I’m looking for subtlety. With Ann Coulter, this is never the case. Subtle ain’t her style… Especially in front of a hungry audience that’s begging for red meat.

The 2012 edition of the Conservative Political Action Conference really highlighted something we already know… Republicans are racists.

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Rush Limbaugh Explains the “Racial Component” of Obama’s Mortgage Plan

[“From the February 9 edition of Premiere Radio Networks'”]

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You may have never considered that the mortgage crisis was caused by those horrible “poor minorities.” Rush explains here that President Obama is using class warfare to make the “bankers” (white people is what he means) look like meanies. The poor bankers are being blamed for a problem that was actually caused by the poor minorities. The key to deciphering Rush’s point? He always portrays blacks as the “poor minorities” and whites as the victimized “rich bankers.” Sorry Rush but those bad loans had nothing to do with the Community Reinvestment Act but they had everything to do with greed. The Southern Strategy has not been pushed this hard since the sixties

When you untwist this dog whistle disguised as a rant calling out dog whistles (did I just type that?) you will find that it leads to one conclusion… Republicans are racists.

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Superbowl 2012 Commercial: Nationalism, Racism, and Lies

Republican Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra of Michigan fired up this controversial TV ad that ran before and after the Superbowl. The ad attacks third term Senator Debbie Stabenow using what many see as racial dog whistles to paint her as a friend of those “heathen chinee.” The truth doesn’t matter because we know one thing… Since Republicans are racists, they react very positively to racist stereotypes.

So what is Senator Debbie Stabenow’s record on China?

The Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform Act

Tuesday, Mar 16: U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) today announced bipartisan legislation to penalize countries like China that undervalue their currency to artificially discount their foreign products. This form of cheating creates an unfair advantage over U.S. products, costing us jobs. The Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform Act will require the U.S. Departments of Treasury and Commerce to take action to support American businesses and workers. The legislation includes provisions from Senator Stabenow’s Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act, which she introduced last year.

Preventing Taxpayer Dollars from Buying Chinese Products

Friday, Jun 18: U.S. Senators Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Russ Feingold (D-WI), Sherrod Brown (D-OH), and Bob Casey (D-PA) yesterday introduced bipartisan legislation, the China Fair Trade Act , to prevent Federal taxpayer dollars from buying Chinese products and services until the Chinese government plays by the rules.

…And there is plenty more on her firm stance on regulating trade with China.  Check out her China page on The Political Guide.

So Pete Hoekstra decides to attack Debbie Stabenow on something that she actually has a pretty strong record on but since he did it using racial dog whistles, the white Republican red-meaters in Michigan will respond positively and most likely defend the commercial in every way possible…  As is their right.

Be proud of your record, Senator Stabenow, and don’t let this ad disturb too much of your sleep.  This Republican is wrong about your accomplishments concerning Chinese trade policy and besides…  Republicans are racists.

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GOP Attack Ad Portrays President Obama as the Captain of a Slave Ship

There comes a point where a dog whistle is no longer a dog whistle.   This ad from Mark Oxner, a Republican running for the new 27th congressional district in central Florida, portrays our first black president as the captain of a slave ship filled with white child slaves.  That’s right.  A slave ship filled with white slaves.  No need to mention that the commercial is filled with lies, it’s pretense speaks for itself.

The blatant racial overtones on this ad may appeal to the conservative whites in northwest Florida (the Redneck Riviera) and in parts of Central Florida but it’s thinly veiled racism should make the people who think it’s “awesome” feel ashamed of themselves.  Who thinks it’s awesome?  Check YouTube.  Mark Oxner for Congress has set comments to approve only and guess what?  They are only approving comments from people that agree with the ad.

An ad with President Obama at the helm of a slave ship filled with white child slaves?  Even artsy Republicans are Racists.

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