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Don’t Re-Nig in 2012: Dogwhistles are for Sissies

Don’t Re-Nig in 2012

Don’t Re-Nig in 2012

Republicans keep stooping to new lows and the racism becomes more and more blatant as the election arrives. This bumpersticker, sold by Stumpy’s Stickers, is just the latest in an ever-growing library of offensive attacks on the President of the United States by so-called patriots on the right.

If you think this kind of thing is okay to say about the elected leader of the country you supposedly love, then you are another example of how today’s Republicans are racists.

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President Obama is not Eligible to be President – Because He’s Black

Sometimes the depth of Republican Racism surprises even me. It’s one thing for Federal Judges to forward racist emails, for various TV personalities to blow their dogwhistles, and for tea party protestors to have their racist signs… But surely Republicans wouldn’t put their racism right out there in the Federal record! Wrong.

Gordon Warren Epperly, America’s newest racist of record, has filed a lawsuit in Alaska to bar President Obama from being on the ballot. His reason? Get this…

Epperly maintains that when the Constituion was written, black and “mulatto” citizens did not have the right to vote or hold office. True. He then says that the civil rights movement only gave these minorities “Civil Rights” but not “Political Rights.” That means that he thinks minorities should be able to vote but they are Constitutionally forbidden to hold public office. Take a few minutes to read the lawsuit and see for yourself.

He also goes back to the birther nonsense but his “Constitutional” argument is a new one… And fantastically racist. Since the Founding Father’s owned slaves and the use of slavery was widely practiced when the Constitution was written does that mean that not having slaves is un-Constitutional? Did President Lincoln “free” the slaves or did he just grant them walking-around-without-chains rights?

This just proves that Alaska is the Texas of the arctic circle and that Republicans are legally documented racists.

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“Go To Hell, Barack!”

Go to Hell, Barack!

The party that claims to be so patriotic that they bleed red, white and blue has one small problem… They hate having a black President far more than they love America.

In 2003, when President G.W. Bush (whom I still have the respect to call by the title his former office deserves) visited my former home town, I was placed in a fenced in cage (“free speech zone”) outside of the auditorium that the President was speaking in just because I opposed the war in Iraq. It was viewed as un-American to ever disagree with (or, even worse, disrespect) the President. I stood in the cage and I held my sign. I disagreed with President Bush but I still respected his office as the leader of my country.

The right-wing of today cannot have such honor. President Obama isn’t like us. He’s different. He’s evil. He’s black. If I had ran an add in a public location like the one above (which is currently posted in the Washington D.C. Metro) about President Bush, I would have been turned down and possibly arrested.

In 2012, respect for the American President is no longer required, the truth is subjective and Republicans are still racist.

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Hey Ladies! Rush Limbaugh Wants to Watch You Have Sex…

From the March 1 editon of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I cannot think of anything sexier for a woman than Rush Limbaugh watching her have sex.

This clip isn’t racist. I’ll tell you that now. But it’s here because, in 2012, misogynism and racism go hand-in-hand with the Republican party. Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown law student, testified about contraception and Rush disagrees so it’s time for him to attack. The recent fights over contraception in health insurance programs are now exposing that more and more the Republican party is 100% the party of rich, white dudes. Ronald Reagan’s vision of a “big tent” for the GOP is a dream that is as dead as tight-rolling your jeans.

Hearing Rush say this to his devoted audience of millions with absolutely ZERO complaint from Republicans tells you all that you need to know about the Republican vision for the future of women in America… And that future is just like the 1850’s.

This clip doesn’t prove that Republicans are racist but it does prove that Rush Limbaugh can say anything about women and at least one of them will still have sex with him. Kathryn Elizabeth Rogers… You are a shallow, gold-digging betrayer of your sex and your husband has zero respect for you.

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