This blog is simply a roll call of racist comments, dog whistles and hate crimes as they relate to the G.O.P. I do not expect many white Republicans to like what I have listed here but I do promise to be honest with my posts and not to try to create racism where it doesn’t exist. If a post is only slightly hateful or maybe offensive in a sexist or other way instead, I will try to remember to mention that in the post.

I’ve owned this domain since 2008 and have intended to use it since but I have been very busy with work. I still am but I feel that it’s important to start getting the word out that racism is alive and well in our Government. While both parties can be liars there is one that stands head and shoulders above the other in one aspect…

Republicans are Racists.

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  1. Bill says:


    You must be the best troll ever. Making people think that you actually believe all Republicans are racist! I bet people actually buy that and get really pissed. You have mastered the art of trolling and you have my utmost respect!

    • FemaleEngineerActuallyHasABrain says:

      No where on this site does it say “all republicans are racist”, the one’s in the articles posted blatantly are however. Don’t take the site out of context…

    • Frank says:

      I believe it too!—All republicans are indeed RACIST!!!

    • Ted Mason says:

      Sorry Bill, Republicans policies, their laws, all pretty racist and might I add, anti science. Its your party of stupid, congrats Bill

  2. Don says:

    You do realize the democratic party started the KKK. Yeah, google it. So, you are saying that somehow…. racism jumped from the democratic party,,,,to the republican party? You believe the racist democrats back then, are some how the republicans now? And the open minded republicans back then, went to the democratic side? Did you know Obama is not even fully black? He’s half white. The republicans have had a full blooded african american as a presidential candidate. What coolaid are you drinking? You obviously don’t know anything about politics, and can’t hold a good argument if you think republicans are racist. You don’t like the conservative party, and you’ve probably never gave a legitimate response as to why, because you can’t. All you can do is claim racism because you don’t agree with someone. People like you claim republicans are closed minded, but contradict yourselves. This very site is a contradiction. Your party claims to be open minded and tolerant, but you openly don’t like christian and southerner conservative republicans. The whole point of this site is a witch hunt site.

    • sofain says:

      Google it? LOL! This is 2012, pal. Not the early 1900’s. I’m aware of the Dixiecrats and I’m also aware that they LEFT THE DEMOCRACTIC PARTY when John F. Kennedy backed the Civil Rights Movement. Now, who opposed that movement? Who opposed Martin Luther King? I had let this blog die but it’s ignorance like yours that makes me want to bring it back to life. I don’t want to discuss racism from 60 years ago. I’m discussing it TODAY. MOST Democrats ARE Christians. Your opinion is based entirely on Fox News and Rush Limbaugh nonsense. Democrats are nearly half of America and are half of the congregation of your church. This kind of lie is why I’m decided to point the racism out and now I am inspired to continue to do so. Thanks.

      • Don says:

        unbelievable…….. I hope I did motivate you to continue with this site. I’d rather have you waste your time than go onto something fruitful. Maybe you could get a banner ad on the “Finding Bigfoot” website section on Animal Planet.The dixiecrats never left the democratic party, that is a myth. Robert Byrd(D), was VERY open about his involvement with the KKK and a committed racist. Why was he not a republican? I could digress further and mention name after name after name, but i’d rather not discourage you. Happy blogging, i won’t be watching….

        • HJP says:

          That’s a fantastic observation, sir–Robert Byrd was, indeed, a racist, bigoted Democrat long after the Civil Rights era. However, he was virtually alone in remaining static within his original party. After Johnson threw the whole weight of his political machine behind the Civil Rights movement in ’64-’65, alienating the aforementioned “Dixiecrats” (and no small portion of Democrats from other parts of the nation), they left the Democratic Party in droves. They didn’t immediately join the “GOP,” (the Democratic Party is actually decades older than the “Grand Old Party”) but rather drifted about in independence until Richard the Lying-Hearted decided to take them in in order to become the first Republican presidential nominee to ever carry a Southern state in 1968–a love affair between the Republican party and unabashed racists that has only grown in scope over time. The growth of the Democratic Party wasn’t really based upon absorption of former Republicans (some left and switched parties, but not in the same numbers as their formerly Democratic counterparts), but by absorption of minority voters who had been suppressed in the South for generations, and somewhat apathetic voting-wise in the rest of the country–in addition, the growth of minorities in the electorate, and their wide recognition that Democrats (while, admittedly, corrupt, though far less so than their rivals across the aisle) are the party that actually stands up for their rights, that fights to keep in place existing programs and to introduce new ones that benefit them [not for votes, but because whatever Republican leaders (*cough* *cough* Donald Trump) and their ignorant electorate and corrupt media outlets want the nation to believe, they actually recognize racial and ethnic minorities are *people* and thus deserve compassion equaling that of anybody else, not to mention that the Democrats (a majority of whom, indeed, are Christians) by and large believe in the values *ESPOUSED BY JESUS CHRIST* that caring and compassion for your fellow humans is the very highest of virtues, and self-centeredness and greed among the worst of sins].

        • HJP says:

          A mistake in wording in my first reply–I meant to say “However, he was virtually alone among the racist contingent of Democrats in remaining static within his original party.”

      • Sortinghat says:

        Shhhhhhh! Your spoiling the surprise plot twist the GOP has

    • Ted Mason says:

      Yeah please Don, its the Bill O’Reilly tactic, leaving out conveniently that the Dems and Rep have switched political ideologies. Convenient isn’t it? Ok, lets call it for your historical correctness, the “Conservatives,” whether Democrat or Republican have always been against progress whether is was for keeping the slave trade, Jim Crow laws, Vagrancy laws, segregation, or calling Obama a boy and other HISTORIC derogatory racial terms (Fox news and Rush Limbaugh) stopping laws against child labor the list goes on. The Republicans now ARE the conservative party and they have shown an enormous amount of animosity to African Americans, Hispanics and history. I would say that a good many republicans are repugnant. You know what lets put a list of accomplishments that liberals have given to you and this country and that conservatives (that are NOW Republicans) HAVE FOUGHT AGAINST TOOTH AND NAIL.

      Almost all of these large or innovative government programs were strenuously resisted by conservatives.

      Panama Canal
      Interstate Highway System
      It wasn’t Ike’s idea. It was a liberal initiative begun in the ’30s. Ike was a liberal.
      Almost all of our Labor Laws (and All Child Labor laws)
      The Marshall Plan
      Environmental Laws
      Freedom of Information Act
      Workplace safety laws
      The Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944″ (a.k.a. “The GI Bill”)
      Social Security
      The Space Program
      Securities Act of 1933 & Most banking Regulations
      The Peace Corps
      Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA)
      The Civil rights movement
      Fight against Nazis, Fascism and Totalitarianism
      (Wilson, FDR ,Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy were all liberals)
      The Development and Deployment for the Internet (DARPA/HPCA)
      The Tennessee Valley project
      Women’s right to vote
      Universal Public Education
      National Weather Service
      National Science Foundation/Basic Scientific Research
      Product Labeling/Truth in Advertising Laws
      Public Health Service and CDC
      Morrill Land Grant Act (land for State public Universities)
      Rural Electrification
      Public Universities
      Bank Deposit Insurance
      Earned Income Tax Credit
      Family and Medical Leave Act
      Consumer Product Safety Commission
      Public Broadcasting
      Hoover Dam Project
      Pell Grants
      Americans With Disabilities Act
      State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)
      Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act 
      Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010
      Ended Sexual Discrimination in the U.S. Military

      Liberalism has given you MOST of what Americans take for granted–and so many have died for.

  3. jon says:

    you do realize a republican president ended slavery right…

    • sofain says:

      I also realize that was 150 years ago. Over and over and over, Republicans jump to point out their proud history of standing up for the rights of minorities… And it is indeed a proud history. Lincoln is a beacon of hope from the past that inspires people of all political genres. The point of this blog, however, is that those times are long gone. There are no proud examples of Republicans fighting for the rights of minorities or women in my lifetime. I am discussing the current state of race and how it is legislated by the current Republican Party. John Boehner is no Abraham Lincoln and the racist “Dixiecrats” of the 50’s and early 60’s left the Democratic Party to join the Republicans. Times have changed and it’s time Republicans realize it and act to save their party and it’s long history of fighting for the little guy instead of corporations and the very wealthy.

      • jon says:

        Yes the dixiecrats have left the democratic party. but that does not mean there still are not racist in the democratic party either. that fact is there are racist in both the republican and democratic party and probably other parties out there too. you shouldn’t label a whole party racist just because there are a few bad apples in it. and for the record I do not side with any party. I have voted for democratics, republicans, and non party candidates on all levels of the political arena.

        • HJP says:

          You seem to misunderstand the message. It’s not a matter of all Republicans/Conservatives being racist and all Democrats/Liberals not being racist. It’s a matter, among other things, of concentration; there is truly a great disparity between the two major parties, where genuinely more Republicans are racist in proportion to the whole of the Party, and more extreme in their racism, than the proportion and virulence of racists within the Democratic Party. And yes, of course, the proliferation of political parties within this country assures that no small number of them have racist platforms. It’s also a matter of Republican lawmakers increasingly bowing to the realistically fairly small number of Republican voters who genuinely espouse racist views, whether it’s by calling babies “anchor babies,” or by enacting voter restriction laws that make it disproportionately hard for college students and minorities (demographics which overwhelmingly vote for Democrats and other liberals), or by supporting the nativist Islamophobic views of their base, or circulating racist emails, or anything else they do along those lines. Again, I must stress my conviction that not all Republicans are racist (not even a majority of them even approach the type of person appropriately railed against on this blog), but that the aforementioned type of person is disproportionately distributed between the major parties, and that their presence has triggered a rot that has eroded the credibility of their party tremendously, and (barring a massive reversal and the Johnson-esque eviction of said racist contingent) is ultimately on course to doom them to obsolescence in the not-too-distant future.

      • Sortinghat says:

        That’s when the violent 60s race wars escalated not too long thereafter.

  4. Don says:

    Your outright ignorance has prompted me to start my own blog website about the issue of racism. The fact you will have access to a voting booth sends chills up my spine. I’ll say it again, the claim that the dixiecrats went to the republican side is a lie. It’s dodging blame. Ok, so you have Strom Thurmond. I have a long list of democrats who didn’t switch. I would also like to point out your “president” is not a full blooded african american. He is half white. If you wanted to hold onto the race card so tightly, why didn’t you elect a full blooded african american? So….whites are racist against a mixed president?
    Republicans are the racists because the original republican platform was to abolish slavery? I know, that was a long time ago, and I need to forget about it. Times have “changed”. So, slavery also was a long time ago, so why don’t you forget about that? Don’t obsess on it like it still exists. To the afro centric loyal democrat voting liberals who insist that the black community is still affected by slavery , even though it happened a long time ago, why dont you and they hold the democrats responsible for trying to force institutionalized slavery? If you are so obsessed with slavery which happened long ago, you still want to use that as an excuse, then be consistent…. you should still hold the democrats responsible for the KKK, Jim Crow Laws,revocation of civil rights and eugenics. You KNOW that was the democratic party, thats why you use this lame excuse that the parties switched sides. Which is a lie!! Even that in itself is an admission. The democrats had to be the racist party to begin with, to be supposedly switched anyway.

    • sofain says:

      Methinks thou dost protest too much. Good luck with your new website. I’m sure it will be very popular among white people who want verification that they aren’t racist and it is indeed the “half white” President and his cronies that have the problem.

    • Traci Rowland says:

      “Your outright ignorance has prompted me to start my own blog website about the issue of racism. ”

      Holy shit, you actually did it!! I have a question though, what the fuck does “stormfront” mean?

    • HJP says:

      I can’t help but feel it’s unfair that being half-white negates the African side of somebody’s heritage. Be consistent yourself–in the days of slavery you mentioned, being even the slightest bit African was grounds for condemnation to a life of forced servitude. Rape of female slaves by white masters was incredibly common throughout that era, which produced countless “mulatto” slaves. Half-black, quarter-black, eighth-black, sixteenth-black, it didn’t matter–if your mother was a slave, you were a slave, period. During the Jim Crow era, there were no provisions in segregation laws that made it so being half-white exempted you from restrictions against using white drinking fountains, or statutes relegating you to the back of the bus, or that made it illegal for black people to attend white schools, or that made it nigh-on impossible for you to vote in a Southern state. And, frankly, blaming the current members of a political party for the actions of people who have been dead for years is absurd. You can make a list of racist Democrats who remained with the party, I’m sure; but give me 5 minutes with a computer (and an internet connection, of course) I could make a far longer list of racist Democrats who joined the Republican party in protest over Johnson’s egalitarian positions.

    • HJP says:

      On a related note to my original comment, be sure to check out comments by an Iowan radio host and noted “kingmaker” for the Republican primary elections in that State–comments in which he actually said that illegal immigrants *SHOULD LITERALLY BECOME THE LEGAL PROPERTY OF THEIR STATE, AND FORCED TO PERFORM COMPELLED LABOR (i.e. become slaves)*.

    • Ted Mason says:

      Don, you really like to twist history don’t you? The Republicans have used every racial slur against Obama and done everything to destroy the first African American President. If you NOW don’t want him to be “Black” you better tell you Republican friends, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News he is not Black. We know the history of the Democrats, as you read my last post, I refer to the conservative cause in America that was always wrong, and its thoroughly disgusting to claim that the conservative cause was not responsible for the KKK, for Jim Crow etc.. That is what the Republicans tactics are. To lie. Ok then Republicans are overwhelming for progressive social programs for the poor, for Gay rights and Gay Marriage right? Ecology and Global warming the list goes on for what Republicans are AGAINST. What is really awful about you Don is your lie that Obama is not black and somehow he is not carrying the burden of his blackness, that there is no racism from the Republican Party against Obama. That is really sick. It is an outright boldface lie. Disgusting. It proves my point. You as a Republican are showing your racism, denying the obvious and using every tactic in the book to dismantle the humanity of a President who is Black enough to have the Republicans create a campaign to thwart his Presidency. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/article/the-republicans-plan-for-the-new-president/ You sir are throughly indecent.

      The American’s historic racial hatred is so intense they would accuse the first African American president of being a Muslim (which under the constitution is legal), accuse him of not being born in America, negotiate with Iran against and around a sitting president, openly call for his assassination (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assassination_threats_against_Barack_Obama), 100,000 signatures from Texas to secede which is treason, and the list goes on. To quote an article on the matter the caricature assassination of this presidency: Of Obama, nearly all the caricatures are consistent with the stereotypes of black men common in the Slave States from 1700 to the present day. Common earlier because they had to dehumanize blacks in order to justify being Christian and also treating blacks so brutally. The oligarchs also needed to do this in order to distract poor whites from making common cause with blacks after the Civil War, since the oligarchs oppressed poor whites as well (economically if not culturally).

      This stereotyping came in two flavors. One was the Black Brute–oversexed, obsessed with having sex with white women, generally animalistic. The other was the Untrustworthy Servant–lazy, moocher, undependable–in short, everything ever slave there ever was aspired to. Why work well and hard for someone else for no reward? Not even chump change.

      But–and for good reason–the greatest opprobrium was reserved for the “uppity Negro.” This was a black man who’d learned to read and write–a capital offense in slave times–and who acted as if he was as good as a human being (i.e. a white man),

  5. Don says:

    Why didn’t you cover the racist attacks from the Left over Mia Love after she opened the RNC. It’s an anomaly? I see….. I’ll cover it on my site….

  6. demarcates are racist too says:

    after reading many of the articles on this site only a very few were about actual racist events and/or people. most were taken out of context to seem racist when they were in fact not. get your facts straight and don’t use the race card every time you don’t agree with someone.

    • sofain says:

      I disagree. I go out of my way not to post things I may have wrong. I pass on dozens of articles and video clips each day because I cannot be sure of the context. As a matter of fact, an article I posted about the RNC this week was removed when an alternative context was presented to me that I could not discount. I removed that post from this site not because the racism shown was proven false but simply because it could have been misunderstood. Please make a comment on those articles that you claim are out of context and let’s discuss them.

      I also disagree with Republicans and Libertarians all the time and don’t post those gripes here. This blog is dedicated to pointing out racism as I (and many Americans) see it. I don’t post “you don’t like Obama so you must be a racist” articles or other similar drama.

      I also understand that it can be hard to read and watch these hateful things about a political party with such a proud history of fighting for the equality of minorities. It can be hard to take when you realize that some of the people on your side have motivations that are simply old-fashioned and wrong. Not ALL Republicans are racist, but I’d advise you to realize that, day by day, the racism creeps thru the GOP and increases it’s grip on the Republican leadership. Open your eyes and get it out of your party. Denial is simply a passive method of approving of this behavior.

      • demarcates are racist too says:

        why do you assume that I am a republican?? I could be a democrat for all you know. the fact that you assume I am a republican shows how ignorant you are.

        • sofain says:

          Really? That statement kinda speaks for itself. However, I was trying to ignore the fact that you spelled Democrat so terribly (demarcates?) and that your cognition and logic are terrible but now you just closed the deal. You are obviously a Republican and obviously offended. Anyone can read your comments and see that. If you are a Democrat then why is your name “demarcates are racist too?” Use your head, man!

          PS – You are also terrible at comment trolling. You should get some help from some of the pros at FoxNation.

        • Sortinghat says:

          But how can he use his head if he dosen’t have one to begin with? See he didn’t even bother to reply as he knows you are right but can’t sucker up to admit it or otherwise everything he or she was taught is likely thrown out the second story window.

  7. democrats are racist too says:

    @sofain I am not a republican or democrat or libertarian or any other party thats out there. I am an american. I vote for the best person on the ballot no matter the party. and sorry about the miss spelling, autocorrect did that for some reason and I didn’t notice. and my name is democrats are racist too because there are many democrats who are racist but you do not read about it in the news to much.

    and what is comment trolling? and would I do it?

    • In your case, comment trolling consists of using multiple email addresses and logins to make weird posts as if you are famous democrats who are racists. You also post about all this racism coming from Democrats but never seem to have much evidence that it’s institutional. Give it up, man.

  8. al sharpton says:

    there was once a jewish cracker who own a store called freddy’s fashion mart in harlem. the owner sublet part of the store to a black owned record store. one in 1995 the cracker who owned freddy’s decide to expand his own business and would no longer sublet the record store. I couldn’t stand these white interlopers taking a job from a black man so my buy black committee started a protest of freddy’s. this protest lead to one person shooting four people and setting the store on fire killing 7 people. I am democrat and a cracker jew hater.

  9. Mary Frances Berry says:

    Since you appear to a white hater you will like this comment I once made. Civil rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of white men and do not apply to them.

    • A “white hater?” Swing-and-a-miss. I’m white and I appreciate the advantages that my skin color has allowed me to enjoy. However, my skin color has not blinded me to the fact that not all Americans enjoy those advantages and, currently, a major American political party is doing everything it can to ensure that whites retain exclusive rights to them.

      And, please, point out to me where white people’s civil rights are being threatened. I want to make sure that my outrage is properly appropriated.

      • Sortinghat says:

        I’ve notice on news sites when someone goes on crying about hatred against whites and another someone asks for proof either the OP goes on a long tirade rant that doesn’t even remotely address the issue (which an be several posts arguing back n forth) or the OP magically vanishes never to be seen or heard from again.

  10. Billy Mchinney says:

    I agree with Al Sharpton. The Jews are a problem. Take a statement I made in 2002, “Jews have bought everybody. Jews. J-E-W-S.” Even though that statement cause me to lose my seat in the GA House of Representatives I stand buy it. My name is Billy Mckinney and I am a Democrat and a racist.

    • Same IP. You’re the same person but with a weird multiple personality issue. Care to ask me again how I know you’re not an democrat or an independent?

      • Billy Mchinney says:

        If you haven’t picked up on it yet those are some of the resent democrats who have are racist and have said racist things. And in case you are wondering I am thinking about voting for Gary Johnson for president. I do not care for either Romney or Obama.

  11. RonPaul2012 says:

    I absolutely love your site, and I hate all political parties. The fact that nobody else sees the racism spread by the evil doers, also known as Republicans, is beyond me. FOX News is a perfect example of why the world is a shitty place to live. We constantly are passed by aliens that want nothing to do with this shitty thing known as earth. Why waste hard earned alien money when you can simply let a nation kill itself? Keep up the good blogging! And remember 2 wongs don’t make it white and once you go black you become addicted to crack. RON PAUL 2012 BABY!

  12. cock dingler says:

    i love this sight.

  13. FemaleEngineerActuallyHasABrain says:

    I really love this sight, if there are two things in this world full of evil and corruption it’s religion and politics. Sadly somehow the two things became intertwined and that suddenly makes it OK for someone in a country FOUNDED ON FREEDOM OF RELIGION to post “I WILL SHOOT ALL THE NIGGER LOVING BASTARDS WHO VOTED FOR OBAMA, GOD HAS TURNED HIS BACK ON AMERICA.” Also, who cares who started the KKK? All those people are dead now, there is no point in pointing out that the children of some dead person chose a different party then their parents….
    Also pointing out you aren’t racist for calling Obama horrible things just because he is half white, makes you sound a million times more racist.

    • RonPaul2016 says:

      I love how your user name implies that most female engineers do not have brains….which would probably mean that most females do not, either….Sexist.

  14. Rocky Lore says:

    Democrats are the racists: Duke lacrosse rape hoax, Tawana Brawley rape hoax, rap music, quota systems, affirmative action, Reverends of Nothing Jesse Jackass and Al Dimwit, New Black Panther Party, Nation of Islam, Sharmeka Moffett, Knoxville massacre, Wichita massacre, Black Supremacist Caucus, Louis Fairyclown, Mumia, Tookie, Joanne Chesimard, Omar Thornton, Troy Davis

  15. Van L. Sauve says:

    Please keep posting to your blog. It came up when I Googled “Republicans and Racism”. Many Republicans are not racist, but their party is quite happy to provide racists a home and allow them to apply a veneer of political respectability to their core of hatred. I’m a “Socialist-Libertarian” but I nearly always vote Democrat. I hide in the Democratic party; they welcome me. They are now centrist, with more in common with the Liberal Republicans of the 1960’s and ’70s. Of course there are no more Liberal Republicans. I keep pushing to the left with little reward or gratification…
    Thanks again.

  16. thedailyleft says:

    I LOVE YOU PAGE! I hope to see more! You are officially BOOKMARKED!

  17. terryrpw says:

    Obviously not all republicans are racists, but the republican party IS the landing site for those who ARE racist. True the democrats started the KKK in the 1800s, but in 1966 when Lyndon Johnson brought in the civil rights act, he uttered those famous words “well there goes the south”, as hundreds of thousands of his democrats who were racist joined the republican party in protest. where they stayed. The head of the KKK David Duke is a card-carrying and staunch republican and as even elected to the house of representatives as a republican, and currently supports and promotes the tea-party, the ultra right wing of the conservatives. Every tea party chapter in the southern states has at least one of David Dukes ‘representatives’ on its board, and many are actually chapter leaders. They do not boast that they are ‘racist’, they just say that they are ‘pro-white’…a kinder gentler message they claim.

    Now what Dukes boys do is up to them, they have the freedom of speech right, except that the republican party has not denounced them, because their numbers are so high and represent thousands of votes they need.
    All over David Dukes websites and youtube videos are pictures of placards and signs at the tea party rallies of many of the racist nature you see posted on this website. Whether the KKK actually made then or not is undetermined, but they certainly promote them.

    If the republican party is against these extreme-racists, where is the outrage and denouncing of their actions….I would like to see that if republicans want us to believe that they are truly not racist.

  18. Ansley says:

    This is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!! Republicans are NOT racist! I’m from the south and republican and my best friend is Indian. Black people are the racist ones! We can’t call them the n word but they can call each other that. They think that I’m white so I owned slaves. My ancestors might have but I wouldn’t in a million years! I am patriotic about the CSA but that just means I’m happy to be a southerner!

    • HJP says:

      Not to nit-pick, but I can’t really feel like your insistence that you have an Indian friend means much. Heinrich Himmler himself said, “…each [German] has his decent Jew.” I do believe it’s fair to say that that hardly constituted proof that he wasn’t anti-Semitic. The scale is hardly the same (I’m not comparing you to Himmler, in case there was any confusion), but the principle remains–the whole “I have a(n) [insert ethnic/religious group here] friend, so I clearly can’t be [insert negative view of the previous ethnic/religious group here]!” argument is entirely hollow. Also, about being proud of the CSA because you’re a Southerner…you just admitted to being proud to be associated, however distantly, with a “nation” which was founded on the principle that slavery could never be ended by the national government, and which seceded from said government’s country and took up arms against their former countrymen, all to protect their right to own slaves. The double standard there is amazing–the very idea of a German today standing up in pride for his/her nation’s history from 1933-1945, or a Japanese person standing up in pride for his/her nation’s genocidal actions in their “Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere,” or an Italian standing up for his/her nation’s actions under Mussolini and Fascist control, or a Turk standing up in pride for Turkish participation in the Armenian Genocide (the list goes on) is near-unthinkable (though, depressingly, it still happens), but the idea of a Southerner standing up in pride for his/her slavery-supporting, treasonous ancestors and their pseudo-nation is disturbingly acceptable in today’s society. I am a direct relative of Confederate soldiers, including the (in)famous General George Pickett, and various less-notable infantrymen, but do I take pride in that heritage? Absolutely not! I’m not ashamed of my relation to them (it was hardly my choice to be their relative), but I’m certainly not proud of it, and the nation really needs to wake up that pride in such people is entirely misplaced and wrong.

  19. Traci Rowland says:

    Thank you for this website. You are doing good by exposing racism. I really appreciate all of the hard work you’ve put into this. ❤

    • George says:

      Traci your a sheep as well!! Do for yourself stop blaming whitey and remember our president despises African Americans!! He looks down on you! The democrats have owned your people for 75 years!! And u keep following them!! Wake up please and do some research and help yourself!!

  20. Myhandsareupintheair says:

    I believe most republicans who hate Pres. Obama are racists. Racists hate Obama because they fear they will no longer be the priority in this country as long as he’s president. In fact, this is why most racists hate black people, like Obama, and other minorities.

    You see, from the moment this country was founded the goal has been to make focus on the lives of racist people the first priority. Priority given first to their justice, their protection, their property, their health, their education, their employment, their children, their sense of well-being, and so on and so on. Everyone else need fall in second, third, fourth, etc., place, based on how nappy the hair is–ha, ha.

    This priority is assumed and expected. When they fear it it is in jeopardy, they lash out, as they always have. It’s their M. O. It’s just how they react.

    This frame of mind requires the lessening of the value of black people, like Obama, in order to be justified. In each era of history, as long as they always believed that blacks were less than human, thugs, violent, immoral, or just simply cursed, they could continue to prioritize the society around them without guilt. Then it all boils down to who is more deserving. They believe themselves to be more deserving of priority because they are superior, peace-loving, Christian, moral, conservative, and simply blessed. They believe their bad seeds are the exceptions and blacks’ bad seeds are the norm, somewhat natural and innate.

    In the most subtle of ways, this goal is always in operation. They know it. They talk in code about it. They employ it in all their dealings…hiring, arresting, or whatever. When blacks let them know they know, they deny it. They protest racism’s existence while feeling uncomfortable, rejected, jilted, if they aren’t counted FIRST, while preaching equality.
    An out and out racist let you know up front what the deal is. They protest: they’re taking our jobs, our homes, our women, our this and that! That’s why they’ve been so scared of Pres. Obama. Scared he was going to set things straight. Make them less of the priority. Afraid he is going learn the secrets to their game. Expose them and the government tactic for allowing this to happen for so long.

    Deep, deep, inside, racists are afraid to play on an equal level. They’re afraid they’ll be shown up and exposed. They’re afraid that the accusation that they’ve achieved more in life due to oppressing others and favoring themselves may be true–they put no claim to having participated in the “handout” theory. So the better they can keep blacks in position from proving their past and current privilege to be true, the safer they feel they are.
    In truth, they’d rather deal with society how it is today, than deal with a percentage of black people being as educationally, financially, physically (that’s why Obama-care is really hated), and socially as equal as most of them believe themselves to be. They shake their head in contempt about black thugs, criminals, and black people, in general, but deep down, seeing blacks the way they do is key to the racist’s mental health. They say to themselves, “better you than me”.

    • Chris Johnson says:

      Yeah it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with his horrible agenda and policies. It has to be about race, right?

      • Ahhhh… That horrible agenda. The one that has completely reversed the job loss and now has unemployment under anyone’s expectations at sub-5%, the stock market is at an all-time high, the deficit has dropped over 50% and is falling at a record pace, healthcare inflation is at a 50 year low, gas prices are under $2 a gallon, the new deal with Iran kills their entire nuclear weapons program for good, he’s prevented any Muslim extremest terrorism like 9/11 on american soil, killed Bin Laden… Yeah. That awful agenda. These things MUST be the reason for the vitriol. You can’t stand seeing a black president succeed.

        • George says:

          Sheep, sheep, sheep, poor thing u believe everything you hear.. Words mean nothing!! Action, action, action!!! Iran won’t get a nuke!! Your just really ignorant or down right a FOOL!! Open your eyes u poor thing!! They have u right under there thumb and u believe there propaganda!! Come on your not really that gullible?? Our you? Take the time to research and not the MSNBC, cnn, crap!! You have to be a state employee or government !! Your brainwashed and your a follower!! Just where they want you!!

        • George says:

          Your a fool!! Nothing in your statement is remotely true!! Deficit reduction? Gas prices? The white guy OBAMA REALLY PRANKED YOU!! He despises the black community!! Do your research and use the brain God gave you!!

      • HJP says:

        I disagree with the statement from “Myhandsareupintheair” that everybody who hates Mr. Obama is racist; there are certainly plenty of people who hate him simply because of what they (INCORRECTLY!) perceive as his “horrible agenda and policies.” However, the vitriol, virulence, proliferation, and frequency of the attacks made against him are frankly insane, and there is no escaping the conclusion that the level of hatred directed at him is due, in no small part, to racism. The only other Presidents in history that I can think of who have received this level of hatred are Jimmy Carter and Abraham Lincoln, who received it for entirely different reasons and were at least as undeserving of said hatred as is President Obama. Every president has had his detractors–but Democrats were never this hateful towards Nixon, or Hoover, or Reagan, or Bush, or the other Bush, and Republicans were never this hateful towards Franklin Roosevelt, or Lyndon Johnson, or Jack Kennedy, or Bill Clinton. There are literally no factors to fully explain the Right’s increased hatred toward Barack Obama than racism.

        • George says:

          SUCKER! Obama is not black!! Everything he has done is to keep the blacks right where the dems want them!! And u follow the lobs like sheep!! They laugh at you people!! Low info voters is all they need and now they have a new base , the illegals and there done with you.. Help yourself for god sake and do the research ! You could be a leader but that’s to hard so you troll these sites and show us all how intelligent you our. Always taking the easy short cuts , stand out and make a difference for your people!

      • Ted Mason says:

        No its about race Chris Johnson. What horrible policies can you name? You don’t have any do you?

        The American’s historic racial hatred is so intense they would accuse the first African American president of being a Muslim (which under the constitution is legal), accuse him of not being born in America, negotiate with Iran against and around a sitting president, openly call for his assassination (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assassination_threats_against_Barack_Obama), 100,000 signatures from Texas to secede which is treason, and the list goes on. To quote an article on the matter the caricature assassination of this presidency: Of Obama, nearly all the caricatures are consistent with the stereotypes of black men common in the Slave States from 1700 to the present day. Common earlier because they had to dehumanize blacks in order to justify being Christian and also treating blacks so brutally. The oligarchs also needed to do this in order to distract poor whites from making common cause with blacks after the Civil War, since the oligarchs oppressed poor whites as well (economically if not culturally).

        This stereotyping came in two flavors. One was the Black Brute–oversexed, obsessed with having sex with white women, generally animalistic. The other was the Untrustworthy Servant–lazy, moocher, undependable–in short, everything ever slave there ever was aspired to. Why work well and hard for someone else for no reward? Not even chump change.

        But–and for good reason–the greatest opprobrium was reserved for the “uppity Negro.” This was a black man who’d learned to read and write–a capital offense in slave times–and who acted as if he was as good as a human being (i.e. a white man),

    • George says:

      Wow, poor thing!! Must be a government or state employee!! Your sheep and the white guy Obama/ democrats have been your master!!
      Sucker!! U got what they wanted you to get!! But now they are replacing you with the illegals, taking your jobs taking your neighborhoods, and your still voting for them!! Very sad after 70 years u would of figured it out! But they own you! They educate your people , they fill your young ones with mush!! And u do nothing but take it! Your sold out by your own and have been for decades!! Sheep sheep sheep!

  21. Chris Johnson says:

    I fucking love being white!

    • HJP says:

      Don’t we all? But it is incontrovertibly irresponsible to take the white (and more specifically, white male) advantage and not do anything to spread that advantage. People like Bill O’Reilly and his compatriots at his propaganda network who benefit enormously from that advantage and then do everything in their power to deny its existence and remove any support for programs like Affirmative Action which seek to spread that advantage around, so that other people have equal opportunities, are hypocritical almost beyond measure.

  22. George says:

    Poor thing, keep listening to your master!! They have you right where they want you! You do sound like a very happy , positive person. Funny thing is your not even black!! Be a leader for once in your life!
    Enjoy your round of golf

  23. Sortinghat says:

    Problem is they don’t believe they are racist because of the old saying “birds of a feather flock together” so they don’t hear or read how they sound and unlike most Liberals who live in mom’s flat they have lives so don’t even know they are even being called out..

    And to be fair and give credit where it’s due most Liberals live in big federally protected cities that are protected in an artifical bubble so don’t see their is little to no true recovery outside of it.

    New homes have been far and few unless it’s individuals doing it and car lots that are empty from taking the Stimulus Bill remain empty with no new stores and their is even fewer choices then 20 years ago as most existing businesses are bought out and others went one under..

    Most Republicans they they have Work,School and normal outside social activities/hobbies so they don’t read the internet much unless it’s The Blaze(awful loading and ads that take over your computer even with AD Block and Don’t Track Me turned on) and subscribe to Wall Street Journal which despite it’s leanings does share what the future/long term trend holds that smart investors use as one of many sources.

    Many are invested into banking or have shares so it’s very important that the “enemy” doesn’t tread on their shoes in their minds so tlking to them they think that what they believe is as real as the sun rising and setting.

    If the investment is against a certain kind of group that’s what it has to be and sorry to say but a Liberal police state won’t fix racism and only make it escalate due to distrust and anything hidden will explode.

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