Newt Gingrich Sticks to His Racist Guns

Why not refer to him as “boy,” Newt? Mr. Williams uses Gingrich’s highest title (Mr. Speaker) to ask the question about Newt referring to the President as “the Foodtstamp President” and Gingrich responds with a snarky “Juan…” Juan Williams had a legitimate question which he asked on Martin Luther King Day and this is the response he got. Both the crowd and Newt showed their disgusting colors.

As it turns out, George W. Bush actually put more Americans on Foodstamps than President Obama. Ooops! Kinda ruins your point, Newt!

Gingrich and South Carolina just continue to show that… Republicans are racist.

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2 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich Sticks to His Racist Guns

  1. demarcates are racist too says:

    I didn’t see anything racist in this. I do think gingrich is wrong in calling obama the food stamp president though. but it does not sound like it has anything to do with race. also it sounds like the guy questioning him was trying to make it about race while gringrich was trying to steer clear of it.

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