“Go To Hell, Barack!”

Go to Hell, Barack!

The party that claims to be so patriotic that they bleed red, white and blue has one small problem… They hate having a black President far more than they love America.

In 2003, when President G.W. Bush (whom I still have the respect to call by the title his former office deserves) visited my former home town, I was placed in a fenced in cage (“free speech zone”) outside of the auditorium that the President was speaking in just because I opposed the war in Iraq. It was viewed as un-American to ever disagree with (or, even worse, disrespect) the President. I stood in the cage and I held my sign. I disagreed with President Bush but I still respected his office as the leader of my country.

The right-wing of today cannot have such honor. President Obama isn’t like us. He’s different. He’s evil. He’s black. If I had ran an add in a public location like the one above (which is currently posted in the Washington D.C. Metro) about President Bush, I would have been turned down and possibly arrested.

In 2012, respect for the American President is no longer required, the truth is subjective and Republicans are still racist.

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6 thoughts on ““Go To Hell, Barack!”

  1. G says:

    There may be racist Republicans, but they are in the minority. Republicans have always been the party of freedom. From when the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, ended slavery, Republicans have always wanted people “to be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Those were the wise words of another Republican, Martin Luther King, Jr.

    • sofain says:

      You’re in sweet, sweet denial if you think the racists in the GOP are the minority. Let me guess… You’re a white guy.

      It’s sad that you have to go back 30, 40 or 50 years to find the champions of racial equality in the Republican party. Those days are over. Lincoln is 150 years in the grave. The new Republican party has NOTHING to do with the civil rights accomplishments of it’s past.

      You keep drinkin’ the Tea and we’ll keep telling the truth.

      • G says:

        The history of the Republican Party is important in giving some perspective. First, it is to remind Republicans that they need not feel a need to defend themselves on false charges of racism. History is on their side, not the Democratic Party’s. Second, it serves to educate. Too many people are unaware of the history and are shocked when they learn it. If one’s educators see fit to leave out these facts, it makes one question why and what else are they leaving out. My hope is people will investigate things more on their own and not parrot what they hear through the main stream media, Fox News included. If people want to have left-leaning views, so be it, I just want it based on facts and not the lies we hear every day.

        Generically speaking, those on the left see race in everything while those on the right treat people as individuals. The left has a vested interest in stoking racial tensions and the corrupt media pushes the false narrative. It also serves to distract. Racism is such a non-issue in today’s America. But, by ginning it up, it serves the purpose of getting those on the right defending themselves when it is completely unnecessary to do so.

        I’m guessing by your views that you are either a victim or a perpetrator of these lies.

        The “new Republican party” is a complex one with many voices competing to be heard. The Tea Party is heavily influencing the party now and is mostly of the Libertarian element except when it comes to national defense. The mainstream media continually attempts to link the religious right with the Tea Party, but this is a misnomer. Remember, the Tea Party was born without that moniker when Bush was in office pushing TARP and the bailout (which both establishments were for).

        The Tea Party and many within the Occupy Movement are of the same accord when it comes to the bailouts. “We got sold out, they got bailed out.” The Tea Party knows that too many career politicians are corrupt and are attempting to clean up the Republican Party first in order to get our fiscal house in order. Attacks on capitalism are mistaken as it is our crony socialism to blame.

        These are the true issues we should be discussing. Not false charges of racism. The Republicans once again are on the correct side of the most important civil rights issue of our current time, and that is the freedom of choice in education.

  2. wtaggin says:

    “First, it is to remind Republicans that they need not feel a need to defend themselves on false charges of racism. History is on their side, not the Democratic Party’s”

    So black people are still enslaved because, well, it happened in history? I mean…if it happened 150 years ago, it must hold SOME truth today, correct? Year ago, yes, Republicans may not have been racists, or maybe it was A republican, but that has nothing to do with today.

    “I’m guessing by your views that you are either a victim or a perpetrator of these lies.”

    What exactly do you mean here, John Madden? The team is either going to score or not on this drive? If you haven’t been on either side of racism, you are lying to yourself and need a serious reality check….or you live on your own island (with internet access, which would be pretty awesome.)

    While I personally don’t follow politics like it’s a religion, common sense goes a long way. Look at what is going now and don’t use history as a crutch to justify current parties actions.

    “Go to hell Barrack” is perfectly fine, you see, because Abraham Lincoln was a republican, too, and wasn’t racist.” – Irrelevant to today’s events.

  3. G says:


    Saying “go to hell Barrack” is not something I would endorse whether protected free speech or not. It is in poor taste and detracts from one’s credibility. But, the statement alone is not racist.

    What I mean by saying “I’m guessing by your views that you are either a victim or a perpetrator of these lies” is that sofain either is a victim of the false narrative and actually believes Republicans are racists when that is untrue. Or, sofain knows it not to be the case, but helps spread the lies that they are anyway.

    What current party actions do you believe to be racist that you believe I am attempting to justify?



  4. demarcates are racist too says:

    I don’t see whats racist in this

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