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The Republican Twitterverse’s Racist Response to President Obama’s DNC Speech

Tweet by Leslie Bennett (Proud to be an American and Christian - Nashville, Tennessee)

Tweet by Leslie Bennett (Proud to be an American and Christian – Nashville, Tennessee)

Twitter, since it’s creation, has always been a unique window to peek in at the demons living inside of people’s heads. President Obama’s rousing speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC was just another opportunity for the crazies to let loose their racist tongues and rain ignorance upon the rest of us.

The speech actually set a political record for Twitter with people tweeting at an amazing 52,757 tweets per minute.  As you can imagine, a disturbing amount of those tweets weren’t exactly a discussion of policy.  Many quickly broke down into straight up, unadulterated racism.

Tweet by Leslie Bennett (@kAiT_B_tAyLoR)

Tweet by Leslie Bennett (@kAiT_B_tAyLoR)

What’s sad is that the twitter users that seemed to offend the most also claim to be Christian and many Republican. Make sure to stop by their Twitter pages and say howdy. I know most of my readers here are Republicans and I’m sure these people could use some new followers.

For the Complex.com list of the top award winners, click here!

Tweet by Henry Berger (@Hankthetank15)

Tweet by Henry Berger (@Hankthetank15)

Tweet by Laura (@damnbeaner)

Tweet by Laura (@damnbeaner)

Sorry to post such vulgarity but I just can’t help it… Twitter Republicans are the most vocal Racists of all.

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“Go To Hell, Barack!”

Go to Hell, Barack!

The party that claims to be so patriotic that they bleed red, white and blue has one small problem… They hate having a black President far more than they love America.

In 2003, when President G.W. Bush (whom I still have the respect to call by the title his former office deserves) visited my former home town, I was placed in a fenced in cage (“free speech zone”) outside of the auditorium that the President was speaking in just because I opposed the war in Iraq. It was viewed as un-American to ever disagree with (or, even worse, disrespect) the President. I stood in the cage and I held my sign. I disagreed with President Bush but I still respected his office as the leader of my country.

The right-wing of today cannot have such honor. President Obama isn’t like us. He’s different. He’s evil. He’s black. If I had ran an add in a public location like the one above (which is currently posted in the Washington D.C. Metro) about President Bush, I would have been turned down and possibly arrested.

In 2012, respect for the American President is no longer required, the truth is subjective and Republicans are still racist.

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GOP Attack Ad Portrays President Obama as the Captain of a Slave Ship

There comes a point where a dog whistle is no longer a dog whistle.   This ad from Mark Oxner, a Republican running for the new 27th congressional district in central Florida, portrays our first black president as the captain of a slave ship filled with white child slaves.  That’s right.  A slave ship filled with white slaves.  No need to mention that the commercial is filled with lies, it’s pretense speaks for itself.

The blatant racial overtones on this ad may appeal to the conservative whites in northwest Florida (the Redneck Riviera) and in parts of Central Florida but it’s thinly veiled racism should make the people who think it’s “awesome” feel ashamed of themselves.  Who thinks it’s awesome?  Check YouTube.  Mark Oxner for Congress has set comments to approve only and guess what?  They are only approving comments from people that agree with the ad.

An ad with President Obama at the helm of a slave ship filled with white child slaves?  Even artsy Republicans are Racists.

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