Romney Rally Fail: Put the White Back in the White House!

"Put the White Back in the White House" T-Shirt at Romney / Ryan Rally.

“Put the White Back in the White House” T-Shirt at Romney / Ryan Rally.

This Getty Images photo from a Romney / Ryan rally in Lancaster, Ohio on Friday has gotten a lot of attention. I wonder why? This Romney supporter not only felt comfortable enough in this crowd to wear a t-shirt saying “Put the White back in the White House” but he wanted to spike the ball by adding a Romney / Ryan sticker to the top of the message.

A Romney spokesperson commented that the shirt was “reprehensible and has no place in this election.” That being said, the Right-wing Media leaped to Romnney’s rescue claiming that this guy was a Democratic plant and that the photo was taken outside. There is absolutely no evidence of a plant (but what else can you say just weeks before the election) and it was later proven that the photo was indeed taken inside of the event.

This is certainly no surprise, and I’m sure the man got mad props on his wardrobe choice from his fellow Republicans, but what terrible timing. Didn’t anyone tell him that the GOP really wants to downplay the race issue until after election day? Guess it doesn’t matter to this guy. The important thing to him is getting his message out by preaching to his racist choir.

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20 thoughts on “Romney Rally Fail: Put the White Back in the White House!

  1. RonPaul2012 says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with that shirt, except the fact the it’s black.

  2. MJR says:

    Republicans are all racist at heart? Republicans could just as much make a website chronicaling every hateful, bigoted, anti-Christian thing Democrats ever said on the Internet or in a crowd. Come on now.

    • Who said “all?” I’m sure there are some open-minded Republicans still out there but if so they must be growing very ashamed of their party.

      And who needs a blog to bag on Democrats all day? Republicans have television networks and media conglomerates devoted to that very thing.

  3. MJR says:

    Well, the blog is titled “Republicans are Racists”, so it certainly sounds like a stereotype to me. Today a person online who identified himself as an Obama supporter wrote that the Christian “god” is a “bigoted ass”. Should we then say “Democrats are Religious Hate Mongers”? But that what you’re doing here to Republicans. I see tons of bigotry coming also from the left this election season.

    As far as the media goes, Rebublicans have Fox News and some crazy talk radio. Democrats have CNN, NBC, CBS, NY Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post – not to mention the public schools, etc. I’m surprised there are any Republicans left after so much sustained indoctrination. As Regan said, it’s not that the left is ignorant – they just know a lot of things that aren’t so.

    • Methinks thou doth protest too much. And if the right now believes that CBS, CNN and WaPo are the left then how can we ever have a balanced conversation about anything? The “center” is now somehow right of Nixon and makes ole Tricky Dick seem downright Liberal on race issues. I still believe that today’s Republicans are racists and if they weren’t they would speak out against the racism in their party.

      PS – I couldn’t care less about an internet comment about God. I’m not sure what race He is but I’m pretty sure He’s not the topic here. This blog is about real people with real feelings being the object of hate from a major political party and it’s supporters.

  4. MJR says:

    But if it were Christians talking about Allah, it would be called xenophobic, bigoted, and responsible for inciting terrorists in Lybia.

  5. BooMushroom says:

    This is indeed some pretty damning stuff you’ve found here. I’m sure you will find plenty more, which will be equally damning.

    Unfortunately, for both of us, there are lots of people who are racist, and yes, many of them vote for Team Red.

    Just remember, that for every white Republican who says “blacks are stupid,” there is a white Democrat who says “African-Americans will never succeed in higher education without Affirmative Action.”

    And for every white guy who says “we need voter ID” there is a black guy who says “but minorities can’t figure out how to get an ID card.” Which to me seems the far more racist of the two.

  6. lewis morton says:

    your right so what thats not even news, whats real news is the 220 jobs or so Bain Capitol is shipping to China now before the election in Freeport Ill, that is still owned by Mitt Romney it’s expensive to be racist fucking nigger that while your standing in an unemployment line

  7. Sal friedman says:

    “Right wing media”? What world are you living in?

    • I live in the world that isn’t filled with terms like “Liberal Media” being coined by the Media itself… Especially the media that wants to hide the FACT that it is owned by corporate structures that have a vested interest in maintaining the illusion that the media is slanted against them. If the #1 most watched news network is conservative (and not even close to being moderate) then how is the “mainstream media” liberal? Fox IS the mainstream media. Also, every major network but one has been saying that the election would be a nail biter with the more conservative networks declaring a Romney landslide. If the media is so liberal, why didn’t they just say that Obama would be reelected in an Electoral College landslide? When it comes to the political slant of the media, I never take the media’s word for it.

      • Tom says:

        True. Also the corporate entities that give to Republican candidates, groups, etc. want to divide us & have us fight amongst ourselves. & race is a BIG wedge topic they use to do this.

  8. American Girl says:

    Just because some of the people that support the Republican party, it does not make the party itself racist. Lets not forget the the Republican party was established in an effort to abolish slavery and instill civil rights in America for ALL people, ESPECIALLY those of “color”. Lets also not forget that it was the Democratic party that fought AGAINST abolition of slavery and when they failed at that, they created the KKK. I used to consider myself a Democrat, Liberal. Thinking that these parties stood for civil rights and the rights for freedom. It has become more and more apparent that these parties really only want control and are actually more of a socialist movement than anything else. Please check your historical facts before you go around misinforming the public.

    • Always the same tripe from the right… “But, but, but the Democrats were racists in the 60s!” That was damn near 50 years ago and after JFK started pushing civil rights, the racists LEFT the Democratic Party. Now where did they go? Hmmmmm? Where did they end up. This site isn’t about who was racist 50 years ago… This is about TODAY. Please look around at the real world around you before you go misinforming the public.

      • American Girl says:

        And what have the Democats done today that sets them apart from the history of their party? More and more minorities are on public welfare. Obama promots these government programs to no end. Instead of educating these people and lifting them up they are trying to make them more and more dependant upon government assistance allt he while putting the country more and more indebt. Their so-called “charities” for poor communities and minorities are really just a guise for holding them down. Wake up. I used to be like you. I grew up hearing all of your BS about how so much has changed but nothing has changed and no one can give me any hard facts to prove otherwise. All I’m saying is that people need to research their facts. Thats it. I’m not even a Republican, so you can say what you want about my “right wing” opinion, but its just the opinion of an educated American civilian.

        • American Girl says:

          In addition to that, I also want to say that the massive expansion of government programs promoting government assistance and dependency is very dangerous. What will happen when our government can no longer “afford” to support these people that are dependant upon them?

        • Well, then… Let’s see your evidence. The GOP has been in power for the majority of the last 40 years so let’s see your explanation of how it’s the Dem’s fault that poverty is growing like a weed. Show me the racist policies of the modern Democratic party. All I hear from you is more Fox News talking points supported by nothing other than the fact that a Democrat currently holds the White House. Evidence against your point is all over this blog… Let’s see something other than empty rhetoric to support your side.

          The truth is that you are here defending people like the one that this very post is about. What does that say about you and your motives? Republicans wearing “Put the WHITE back in the White House” on their t-shirts aren’t the racists, eh? It’s the Democrats that have been out of power most of the past 40 years that are the REAL racists. Sorry, but the American public isn’t buying that steaming pile of crap anymore.

  9. American Girl says:

    How about we stop looking at things from the Democrat/Republican perspective and start looking at it from the American perspective? We seem to have forgotten our roots here in this country. I bring up the history because, like the famous saying goes, those who are not educated about history are bound to repeat it. I’m not trying to fight with people like you. All I’m saying is that people should open their minds a little and see the forest for the trees. If you want to be mad about it, fine. But there is nothing wrong with having an educated society.
    Here are a few points from more recent politics. They probably wont satisfy your needs, but thats OK. I’m not here to change your mind about anything. We all have the right to our own beliefs.

    Bill Clinton – vetoed the Welfare Reform law twice before signing it, and refused to comply with a court order to have shipping companies develop an Affirmative Action Plan

    George W Bush – as much as I can’t stand this guy, he did appoint more blacks to high-level positions than any president in history and who spent record money education, job training and health care to help black Americans prosper

    Obama 2013 – US Department of Labor has reported in September that black unemployment rose to 16.3 in August from 15.6 percent in July and is still on the rise

    Obama 2012 – Welfare spending jumped 32% since Obama took presidency in 2008

    • I appreciate your points but you nail things like an increase on welfare spending on the current President leaving out the fact that it was during the 2nd biggest recession in American history. Of course government assistance increased! The shame is that you won’t make that caveat. You just want to defend racism from the GOP and you will twist any fact that you have to in order to defend your “team.” That makes you a good sports fan but a terrible political pundit. I show dozens of examples of blatant racism by the GOP and you come to the table with twisted statistics with obvious holes. Weak sauce.

  10. American Girl says:

    I definitley understand that the welfare increase in Obama’s first term does have a lot to do with the mortgage collapse. I was just throwing out some points. Sorry for not making that clear. I guess I should also mention that the start of the mortgage collapse occured with Clinton. But, regardless of that Clinton did help to create a lot of jobs in our economy. Clinton was actually the reason I supported the Democratic party back in the 90’s. I failed to know about facts I posted above at that time. Although he still deserves credit where credit is due. Times were a lot easier for a lot of people during his presidency.
    Again and again you think that my purpose is to defend the GOP. I simply want people to remember the history of our country so we dont make the same stupid mistakes that we made in the past. Is that so wrong? I guess in your eyes, it is.

    • It seems to me that you only want to prevent making the mistakes that Democrats made in the past… While you defend the racism of the Republican Party today. THAT is what I have a problem with.

      You did manage a first tho. I have not heard anyone blame the 2008 recession on Clinton before. He left office with a huge budget surplus and the stock market was soaring 8 YEARS before the the collapse. You claim to not be a shill for the right but you manage to shift blame for everything onto Democrats. Stop pretending to be an independent voice. Your slant is clear. Nothing wrong with taking a side but why lie about it?

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