Texas Republican Senate Candidate Urges Border Residents To Shoot ‘Wetbacks’ On Sight

Well, Republican Primary Season is upon us once again and nothing gets the truth out of GOP candidates quite like the mad dash to the right that they all do in order to please the base. Some candidates know exactly what their kind wants to hear and it leads some of them to drop the dog whistles and come straight out with it. Today we get to hear from Texas Republican Senate Candidate Chris Mapp who participated in a series of interviews with the Dallas Morning News as they decide who gets their endorsement in the primary against sitting Senator John Cornyn.

Texas Republican Senate Candidate Chris Mapp

Texas Republican Senate Candidate Chris Mapp

Getting the endorsement of the Dallas Morning News Editorial Board is a definite leg up in a primary that is filled with Tea Party candidates. Chris Mapp has decided that getting to the right of Cornyn is his best shot and he let it all hang out in his interview. Here is how the Dallas Morning News article puts it:

South Texas businessman Chris Mapp, 53, told this editorial board that ranchers should be allowed to shoot on sight anyone illegally crossing the border on to their land, referred to such people as “wetbacks,” and called the president a “socialist son of a bitch.”

Unsurprisingly, the Dallas Morning News then went on to endorse John Cornyn.

But Chris Mapp wasn’t done! Later, in an interview with the San Antonio Express-News, Mapp defended his use of the term “wetbacks.” He described the slur as normal for Texans and said its use is as “normal as breathing air in south Texas,” according to the newspaper.

Apparently what Chris Mapp is saying is that Republicans being Racists in South Texas is as normal as breathing air. I wonder how many of his constituents agree.

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35 thoughts on “Texas Republican Senate Candidate Urges Border Residents To Shoot ‘Wetbacks’ On Sight

  1. Semi Republican says:

    The bias in this and on this entire site is awful. There are extremists and far-rights and far-lefts on both sides. It’s really not surprising Dallas Morning News didn’t endorse him.
    I mean, isn’t stereotyping races the definition of racism? So … Stereotyping republicans as “Stereotypers” (forgive the weird word), is that “Partyism”? I dunno.

    • I appreciate your point, but you can choose your political affiliation but you can’t choose your race. That is a very significant difference.

      This website is also not required to show balance either. There were laws way back in the day that required that the media show both sides of an argument but those laws were shot down by congress. So, much like Fox News, this site is free to show stories from any angle. Sure there are extremists on both sides, but this isn’t a site about that. This site points out Republicans being blatant racists. Racism isn’t extremism as Southern Politics clearly shows. The sad fact is that within much of the GOP, racism is the mainstream and not just a few nuts on the far right.

    • izzy says:

      Not every Republican is racist but every racist is republican. (that is white racist, because blacks, asians, latinos can be equally racist against another race.)

      • rushms says:

        uh…wrong. MOST racists, true racists, are liberals. It is a false narrative to say that “democrats” are the one’s standing up against racism. Every major change in favor of minorities has come from conservatives. Who organized the underground railroad and helped black slaves back in the day? Christians. (i.e. conservatives) Who teaches forgiveness and true unity? Christians/conservatives. Who distinguishes race at every level and “equalizes” the playing field by restricting groups based on color or religion? Liberal democrats. It’s a matter of fact. There are exceptions to every rule, but the majority of people who HELP minorities happen to be Christian folks, who also tend to vote conservative of Republican. The majority of people that push policies that discriminate and further the racial divide are liberal democrats, all the while demonizing good people and calling them hateful.

        • So your newest evidence is 50 years old? Times change. The Republican Party of the Underground Railroad era stopped existing decades ago. Show me your evidence from the last 50 years. The fact is that today’s conservatives would never support any of those policies including the Civil Rights Act.

          Also, the majority of Democrats / Liberals in the US are Christians. Your accusation that Democrats are basically godless heathens is ludicrous and just plain wrong.

        • If you know your history, you will know that the Republican party was once the liberal party. The two parties have slowly switched platforms. Liberals made the changes in favor of minorities. They were once called Republicans. Now liberals are called Democrats. And vice versa. Research that.

        • Sarah says:

          RaR, rushms didn’t accuse Democrats of being godless heathens….and your statement just reinforces the point that “the majority of people that push policies that discriminate and further the racial divide are liberal democrats”…your statement as a whole reinforced the divide….

        • James Kelso says:

          What planet are you living on? The internet is filled with pages that refute these beliefs that you have. The Republicans are the warmongers. The Republicans hate gays. The Republicans deny science. The Republicans criminalize homelessness and the feeding the homeless. The Republicans support a phony drug war. The Republicans are bought and paid for. Need I go on? This John Cornyn has been heavily funded by oil&gas over $1.187.000 in political donations. Do you think he works for you?

        • Rick Manion says:

          Can you define “Conservative” and “Liberal.” It sounds like you may be one of a vast number of people who don’t realize they are actually liberals, and might even should belong to the Democratic party.
          For instance, do you believe that Women and Men should be treated equally? (That’s a feminist.)
          Do you believe (As you seem to imply) that people should be treated equally regardless of Race?
          Do you believe as a society we should help those who have less than us? Feed the Hungry, clothe the poor, warm the cold? (That’s called Welfare.)
          Do you believe that all people deserve dignity and respect regardless of their beliefs, such as different religions, different creeds (even republicans and democrats), different sexual orientation?

          Here is the big one: do you believe that we should attempt to enact social change to further the ideas above?

          Generally liberals ” support ideas and programs such as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, free markets, civil rights, democratic societies, secular governments, and international cooperation.”

          Generally conservatives support “retaining traditional social institutions in the context of the culture and civilization.” For instance, during slavery, a conservative would have wanted to maintain the status quo. During the Civil Rights movement, a conservative would have wanted to maintain the status quo. During women’s liberation, a conservative would have wanted to maintain the status quo. As discussions of gay rights came up, a conservative would have wanted to maintain the status quo. Currently, many people are trying to ensure religious freedom for religions that are practiced by the minority in this country, and conservatives want to maintain the status quo. (Christian dominance.)

          BTW, christianity is at odds with conservativism. Jesus did not believe in the status quo. (But I am actually a heathen, so feel free to disregard that.)

        • Sarah, help me figure out what he meant by this then… “Christians. (i.e. conservatives)”

        • Jessica Anaya says:

          Not true in the slightest Liberals are NOT RACIST! Just look up the definition of the word “Liberal”, and you’ll realize this!

        • Trex says:

          That was a long time ago, now Republicans don’t care about color, just your pocket book. If you make more than $200,000 per year then the republicans like you, want you and pass laws in your/their favor, add long as you are donating to their campaign.

        • Bridget says:

          Wow.. I don’t know what rock you live under.. But I am not a racist! I believe everyone has rights.. No matter their color.. I am an environmentalist, for human and animal rights. If someone is doing something wrong I will be the first to come out and say it. Every time I hear someone say they have strong christian values.. They turn around and say how God hates gays and so on.. That’s not being a good christian.. That’s being a bigot hiding behind the church. And just so you know.. Almost everyone I know that is a liberal feel the same way I do. Stop watching Fox News.. It’s all lies.

    • This guy is at least he is honest in his racist spews, as a white supremacist that he rightfully is, just think of the others that hide in content of lies and bullshit that get into our public powers to keep this crap ongoing in high places!!!

  2. Ray Bray says:

    Why would you kill a man?

  3. BajaDemocrat says:

    Just send in the story where a Democratic candidate tells two different news sources that he thinks like this We should shoot “wetbacks”.

  4. laurabs1 says:

    KKK must be loving this… Nothing more than ignorant, anti-christian white supremacists… How they pervert The Sermon On The Mount.

    • HJP says:

      I couldn’t agree more; I am personally an atheist, but regardless of my beliefs regarding anyone’s divinity, I believe far more strongly in the actual messages taught by Jesus Christ and people like him–compassion for your fellow people, regardless of differences you may have with them; support of the poor (all of them, whether they are regarded as “deserving poor”), et cetera, et cetera. There are a few messages ostensibly espoused by Jesus (i.e. anti-gay views) that I disagree with, but I honestly regard my keeping with the overall teachings of Christ as far more Christian than Republicans who spout talk all day every day about how they’re so pious and holy, then immediately turn around and start talking about hatred for the poor, hatred for Muslims, hatred for other races, hatred for anyone who isn’t a Christian; who talk about tithing to the Church and then turn around to profit from their propaganda by raking in money hand over fist; and every other type of hypocrisy that has come to be expected from their kind.

  5. Maria says:

    Let me just ask you!
    Who’s wetback your ancestors that crossed an Ocean or I that crossed a river.
    God must be very proud of you…

    • Rick Manion says:

      The point of the slur here is to imply that someone swam over. And also, like most other anti-immigrant slurs, for instance F.O.B., to imply that recency of arrival matters in some way.

      • HJP says:

        Same as things like calling Italians “W.O.P.’s;” virtually every immigrant group has, at one time or another, been reduced to sub-human status in this manner–the problem here being that this is the 21st century, and we should by all rights be above that behavior by now.

  6. Any bets on whether Chris Mapps identifies as a Christian or not?

  7. Dave says:

    What do you think of those choice words, 90% who are coming across aren’t from Mexico! He should know this is ICE has already let thousands in already. Playing the divide card again from government, trying to get the public angry and then get they to do something the government is suppose to do? He should get some BALLS and say this to the president, cowards.

  8. Daniel Guillot says:


  9. David Christie says:

    Yeah.. Well, you know that can work both ways Tex.

  10. robinhood63 says:

    If he’s so gun ho on “shooting wetbacks” , why isn’t his ass at the border with a gun? I’m sure he could get the permission of a rancher to patrol his property line.
    Just like any chickenhawk reTHUGliCON, it’s having someone else do the fighting while they hide in the rear.

  11. Don Gaffney says:

    I bet a lot of you same enlightened mouth breathers who find a descriptive such as ‘wet back’ racist and offensive have no issue with the term red neck. Food for thought for the hypocritical.

    • Rick Manion says:

      First, using “mouth breathers” as a derogatory isn’t very nice either. It took me about thirty seconds to look at 4 dictionaries all of which say that “redneck” *is* derogatory.
      Second, even if you were right, the fact that “enlightened mouth breathers” are assholes doesn’t make it okay to be an asshole.
      Third, if the President, or some rural congressman from Connecticut used Redneck as a derogatory, I promise it would be in the news. Oh look, it took me another thirty seconds to find an example: http://www.mrctv.org/2010/10/dem-state-senator-calls-constituents-rednecks
      Third, what he means when he says “Weak equivalency” is that you are comparing being prejudiced against someone’s race or nationality with being prejudiced against someone on the basis of their ideology. A redneck is generally defined by their behavior, not their race. (Although there is some guilt by association going on there.) Generally, when trying to determine the relative offensiveness of a term, consider how many people were beaten or killed by other people that were yelling that word.

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