Oklahoma GOP Leader Gets “Jewed Down” On A Price

Oklahoma Republican House Majority Leader Dennis Johnson

Oklahoma Republican House Majority Leader Dennis Johnson

The Republican outreach to minorities continues! The new Republican party wants non-white citizens to understand that they aren’t just the party of old, white guys. The GOP is now opening the tent wide for people of all creeds and colors.

Continuing that effort, Oklahoma Republican House Majority Leader Dennis Johnson used his time during a floor debate to discuss effective strategies for small business owners.

“There’s such a thing called niche marketing,” he began. “You find out what you do better than somebody else and that’s what you market.”

I’m with ya, Dennis. Niche Marketing. I got it.

“Then you get the reward of success. People come back to you,” he continued. “They like the service they get, and they don’t ask me—they might try to Jew me down on a price, that’s fine. You know what? That’s free market as well.”


The “new” GOP wants to reach out to people of all colors but they simply can’t stop their true inner feelings from surfacing.

Immediately after this comment, someone hastily whispers to Leader Johnson and he turns back to the mic to apologize.

“I apologize to the Jews. They’re good small businessmen as well,” Johnson said with a laugh.

Double facepalm. They still don’t get it.

In a later interview with The Oklahoman, Johnson explained that it was a term used in his youth that somehow bubbled up out of nowhere. He said that the comment “came out of one of the wrinkles of my brain and it was not something that was intentional.”

Hmmmm… Where have I heard that before? No one has to convince me that, deep in one of the wrinkles of their brain, Republicans are racists.

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10 thoughts on “Oklahoma GOP Leader Gets “Jewed Down” On A Price

  1. Charlie says:

    Republicans are racist… Hrmmm like the founder Abraham Lincoln , or maybe Martin Luther King?? There are all colors on each side try and vote on the issues at hand and stop writing blogs that make you look retarded.

    • Got any examples that aren’t 50 years old? You Republicans just love to stick to your claims as the “civil rights party”… But you don’t like to bring up that Republicans used to be the LIBERAL / Progressive party. You think Liberals like MLK would be in today’s GOP? Think again. Hell, Nixon looks like a raging Socialist compared to today’s right-wing extremist mainstream. Stop living in the past and making comments on blogs that make you look stupid…. And racist.

      • democrats are racist too says:

        I see you are are still assuming everyone that hates this website is a racist republican… also MLK was less then 50 years ago…

        • No, not all Republicans are racists. I certainly do not think that. However, when someone dismisses all the evidence of racism in the GOP, claims that “there are all colors on each side” (lol!) and then calls me “retarded” then the assumption is easy to make. Methinks thou doth protest too much.

          Also, MLK was assassinated on April 4, 1968. 45 years ago as of last month. If you want to be a stickler on that then we’ll say 45 years instead of 50. Does that make the recent GOP track record look more appealing to you?

    • James says:

      Hey dumb ass, Republicans are no longer the party of Lincoln. They are the party of Nixon who embraced the Southern Strategy promising repeal of civil rights laws to pick up the racists upset over LBJ signing the Civil Rights Act.
      Democrats have some huge corruption issues, but at least they aren’t openly appealing to white racists.

  2. democrats are racist too says:

    @republicans are racist: So claiming both sides is made up of people of all skin color is not true? And then that makes him racist?

    • “Naw, it’s cool! I’ve got a black friend!”

      That’s what you sound like here. My point is that the vast majority of minority voters avoided the GOP like the plague in 2012… For so very many reasons. Now all Republicans can do is point at Ted Cruz and Herman Cain and pretend that the GOP is the Rainbow Coalition. Trust me… The only people that are fooled are yourselves.

      • democrats are racist too says:

        I agree most minority voters do not vote republican. What I have noticed where I am from most minorities don’t vote republican because they see the GOP as nothing but whites and do not want to vote for a white person. I have seen criminals win an election because the other candidate was white. Where I came from the democrats are not a Rainbow Coalition either…

  3. futuressobright says:

    Hilarious. I’ve recently heard 2 of my asian american friends plus one white left-leaning co-worker use this term. Apparently conservative anglos aren’t the only ones that jewish businessmen have ripped off.

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